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3 Things to Look for in an Attorney

When a person considers bankruptcy as a solution to their debt problems, they should be able to trust their legal advisor who can help them with their problems. Finding this advocate can prove difficult, though. To identify the right attorney for one’s demeanor and situation, a debtor should carefully assess a variety of different traits.

If you are struggling financially and believe that bankruptcy may be the right choice for you, it is important to know your options before going forward. To learn more about your rights and options as a debtor, contact the Joliet bankruptcy attorneys of the Law Offices of Stuart B. Handelman at 815-722-2201 today.

Factors that Merit Attention

Each attorney has an incentive to attempt to persuade you that he or she is the right one to handle your case, and the reality is that there are many highly qualified advocates available to serve you. But as you prepare to face such a significant matter in your life, you may wish to bear the following factors in mind when choosing the attorney in whose hands you will place your future.

#1: Experience
An attorney with a strong reputation for excellence can use their past experiences inside and outside court to help a debtor deal with the stress of bankruptcy. When a creditor fights to collect a debt that is owed, an experienced attorney often has the ability to challenge the creditor and ensure that a debtor’s rights are fully protected.

#2: Respectfulness
Although it may seem like a small trait for a successful attorney to have, a little respect and friendliness can go a long way in the tough times of a bankruptcy. A debtor needs to be able to take confidence from their legal advisor and needs to know that their advisor will do what’s right for them, without adding needless judging to an already difficult situation.

#3: Determination
The ideal attorney is an experienced litigator who shows respect for their clients and who fights for their client’s rights aggressively. In bankruptcy cases, there is no exception. A determined lawyer will stand up for their clients when their clients need them most.

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