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3 Things You Should Know about Cramdowns

When a debtor files for bankruptcy, they may be able to reduce some of their loans through an action known as a cramdown. This action allows a debtor to move secured debt, such as car loans, to unsecured debt. In a Chapter 13 repayment plan, this allows a person to deal with these important loans much easier.

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Important Information about Cramdowns

Before you take action in reducing your loans, you should know the following about cramdowns:

#1: Cramdowns only affect certain secured loans.

Cramming down all loans is not allowed in Chapter 13 cases. A person can only use this tactic to lower the principle balance on a debt if it is considered secured. In basic terms, this includes most debts that can have the property repossessed by the creditor due to a failure to pay. However, mortgages on a primary residence such as a family’s house are not able to be crammed down.

#2: Cramdowns reclassify secured debt as unsecured debt.

The most important benefit of a cramdown is to shift the paid amount of a debt to an unsecured debt. The remaining balance on the debt will still need to be paid according to the rules of secured debt in Chapter 13, but this paid-off amount can be paid back according to the significantly looser regulations on paying back unsecured debts. This allow for lower or less frequent payments, namely through a reduction of interest rates.

#3: Time restrictions affect cramdowns.

A person is not allowed to purchase a brand new car and immediately cram down the small amount that they have paid on it. For automobiles, a person needs to have owned that vehicle for at least 910 days prior to filing for bankruptcy. For other personal property, a similar rule exists. However, this rule sets the required time of ownership at one year.

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