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Debtor Education Courses and Debt Discharge

There are many different requirements that must be met when a person is filing for bankruptcy, including the attendance of a debtor education class. A person involved in either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case will need to attend a class about financial management in addition to the credit counseling session at the beginning of the bankruptcy process. Without taking the financial management course, a person may not be able to have his or her debts discharged.

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Pre-Discharge Debtor Education

In Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, a debtor needs to attend two different financial courses or consultations. The first occurs before filing; it is a credit counseling session completed with a court-approved agency. The second must be fulfilled before a person can receive a discharge order. Basically, it is a course that covers important financial management information.

This debtor education must be completed according to the following rules:

  • Course information must cover government-required curriculum points
  • Course must last at least two hours
  • Course must be through a court-approved agency
  • Form 23, or proof of course completion, needs to be filed within 45 days after the first creditor meeting in Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Form 23 needs to be filed before the last payment plan amount is paid in a Chapter 13 situation

If debtors fail to complete this education course within the required amount of time, they won’t be able to complete their bankruptcy.

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