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What Does a Bankruptcy Trustee Do in Your Chapter 7 Case?

A person filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may notice that their case is heavily influenced by a court-appointed trustee who oversees the whole process. These individuals work closely between debtors and creditors to keep the Chapter 7 process as impartial as possible. Because of their involvement in the bankruptcy process, bankruptcy trustees are extremely important individuals during a Chapter 7 case.

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The Role of the Trustee

A bankruptcy trustee plays a crucial role in any Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. This is, in part, why it’s so important for a debtor to have the proper legal representation. An experienced attorney will be better prepared to present information and arguments to a trustee without wasting any of the trustee’s time or additional effort. This can speed up the process in many cases.

Trustees are responsible for the following in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Checking bankruptcy documents and information before a case begins
  • Questioning the debtor about their finances
  • Beginning and overseeing the liquidation process
  • Objecting to unfair or illegal actions during bankruptcy

Because the bankruptcy trustee oversees the liquidation process, they take care of pricing properties for sale and making sure that creditors are informed of the value of that property.

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