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What Does Your Bankruptcy Trustee Do in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

When a person files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they need to work through the process with a bankruptcy trustee overseeing their case. These individuals wield far-ranging legal powers to organize and facilitate the bankruptcy process, keeping a fair balance between debtor discharges and creditor repayment. They can play a particularly important role in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as the repayment plan process requires close communication between debtors and creditors.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustees

Trustees in Chapter 13 bankruptcy work with a debtor and their creditors throughout the bankruptcy process. When a person first files, a trustee will begin the process of verifying their financial claims and can begin a bankruptcy case at that point. When a debtor is preparing for debt discharges, a trustee again must review the process and complete the case.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees are responsible for a wide range of tasks during bankruptcy, which can include the following:

  • Reviewing all bankruptcy petition documents
  • Analyzing and reviewing a payment plan
  • Bringing together a debtor’s creditors for questioning about the debts
  • Facilitating and administrating the repayment plan
  • Citing objections throughout the bankruptcy process

A trustee is ultimately responsible for accepting payments from a debtor and giving that money to the creditors according to the repayment plan.

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