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What If You Cannot Afford Credit Counseling?

A debtor needs to provide proof that he or she has completed credit counseling before being allowed to file for bankruptcy protection. The services of a credit counseling agency may not be free, and a prospective bankruptcy filer is responsible for paying any pertinent fees. There are restrictions placed upon these fees, making it easier for a debtor to afford this portion of the bankruptcy process.

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Credit Counseling Cost Considerations

If a debtor is in such poor financial standing that they are unable to afford credit counseling, there may be some options available for them. To keep the cost of this pre-bankruptcy requirement low, the following rules are in place:

  • All counseling services must be priced at a reasonable level
  • If a person cannot afford the full rate, they must receive a discount
  • If a person is severely impoverished, they may receive free counseling

No credit counseling agency is permitted to overcharge for these services, as this is a direct violation of the law. If a person has problems with this portion of the bankruptcy process, they may want to consult with a legal advisor about how to resolve the matter.

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