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Why do I need a Joliet Bankruptcy Attorney?

Protection from creditor harassment: Once you’ve let your creditors or collection agencies know that you’ve retained a Joliet Bankruptcy Attorney, by law they can still get in contact with you. The creditors or debt collectors should be informed that you’ve hired a bankruptcy attorney and told to call the attorney. However, any good bankruptcy attorney will call a harassing collector and try to make an end to the calls. This not only saves you much time, but also gives you peace of mind.

Protection from uncertainty: There are many aspects of a petition for bankruptcy. There are communications from not only the court and the trustees who review your case but also from creditors. Going through this process can be hectic, especially because you are still unsure how your actions will affect your discharge being granted. Your bankruptcy attorney will know every next step to take.

Protection from what you don’t know: We all do the best we can with the information provided. If you choose to file on your own, you’re limited to much less information. For example if your debt is at least 15 years old a Joliet bankruptcy attorney will inform you that the statute of limitations has likely run out on this debt. This will save you money.

Protection from mistakes: Filling out the paperwork for a bankruptcy can be difficult and confusing. For example, many individuals believe that if they want to keep their vehicle that they should not include it on their petition. This is likely to result in a dismissed case. There are several ways to protect your vehicle, but it needs to be listed correctly and with the proper information. This will also save you a lot of time (a bankruptcy attorney will do the paperwork very quickly whereas it could take you hours and hours) and will also save you the money that you would otherwise have spent on another car.

The bankruptcy laws are constantly changing significantly and so is the paperwork. Filling out all of the forms completely and accurately is very important to your petition being successful. For more information on bankruptcy contact a Joliet Bankruptcy Attorney today!